Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
BIBLEPROJECT BibleProject 1302 SE Ankeny Portland OR 97214 Streaming of video, audio, and audiovisual material on the Internet;BIBLE PROJECT;
LIQUID ZERO GAMING COMMUNITY Liquid Zero Gaming Community 822 East Water Street Apt. B Boonville MO 65233 Streaming of video in the nature of video game material material on the Internet;
RESVOX Resvox, Inc. 600 Congress Ave, 14th Floor Austin TX 78701 Streaming of video, audio, connectivity, networking and digital material on the Internet;
VAMEDIA VAMED Aktiengesellschaft Sterngasse 5 A-1230 Wien Austria Streaming of video, audio and television material on the internet;Advertising via electronic media and specifically the Internet; marketing services via social media;

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Technical Examples
  1. A method and system for providing video data to a user on a computer is provided. According to the method and system, a video streaming device attached to the computer provides a video stream that is displayed on the computer. Images that were previously captured with the video streaming device, either from the current video stream or from previous video streams, are displayed to the user along with the current video stream. This gives the user the impression that the device has captured image storage when, in fact, the previously captured images are actually stored elsewhere, such as on the computer's hard disk. The stored images are accessible by the computer, and placed in virtual folders while being displayed. A user interface shows the current video stream in a video display area and the previously captured images in a captured image display area. The user interface may be invoked when the user double clicks on an icon that represents the video streaming device. This gives the user the impression that he has browsed to the device and is viewing its contents.