Brand Owner Address Description
CYTOGARDE Cook Medical Technologies LLC 750 Daniels Way, P.O. Box 2269
Bloomington IN 47402
Medical devices for use in the ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A method for sterilizing medical devices and similar instruments in diffusion-restricted containers is provided. The sterilization method includes placing a liquid solution containing vaporizable germicide such as hydrogen peroxide into the diffusion-restricted container and vaporizing the germicide. The containers can be attachable and detachable to a sterilization system, and used as a vacuum chamber. An attachable/detachable container containing an article to be sterilized can be nested with a second container, and the article and inside and outside of the inner container are sterilized. The sterile article inside the nested containers can be transported and the sterile inner container with the sterilized article can removed from the outer container and placed in a sterile environment without contaminating the sterile environment. The sterile article can then be removed from the sterile container and utilized. Alternatively, the sterilization method may include introducing germicide vapor into an attachable/detachable container.