Brand Owner Address Description
EVITA Bruno Nebelung GmbH & Co. KG Freckenhorster Str. 32
48348 Everswinkel
horticultural products, bulbs for horticultural purposes ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A starter device (1) for an internal combustion engine has a starter drum (4) which acts upon a spring housing (11) when starting. An intermediate spring (10) is arranged in the spring housing (11). One end of the intermediate spring (10) is fixed to the spring housing (11) and the other end of the intermediate spring (10) can be coupled to the crankshaft (3) of the engine via a first catch (23). The spring housing (11) and the starter drum (4) are journalled on a shaft (7) held at one end. The center of gravity (S) of the spring housing (11) lies in the region of the support of the spring housing (11) in order to reduce the acting bearing forces and to increase the service life of the starter device.