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120% LINO Centoventipercento S.r.l. Via Durini, 15IT
Clothing made in whole or significant ...
CARICOM L.Megan Hutchinson Greater Portmore P.O.
Lot 575 3 East Greater Portmore
Saint Catherine JamaicaW.
Entertainment services, providing website that features ...
MILANY hutchinson m lorraine 244 fifth ave (2nd floor)
new york NY 10001
Providing an on-line publication in the ...
P POLLINI S.P.A. Via Erbosa, 2/BIT
Wearing apparel, jackets, pants, jeans, shorts, ...
REIMA Reima Oy P.O. Box 26FI
Clothing, jackets, coats, pants, overalls, gloves ...
REIMA TEC Reima Oy P.O. Box 26
FI-38701 Kankaanpää
Clothing, jackets, coats, pants, overalls, gloves ...

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Technical Examples
  1. The invention relates to overalls, manufactured by polypropylene and polyethylene, usable as protective clothing, in particular suitable as barrier against biological agents. The overalls provide a very high level of protection against the penetration of liquids and microorganisms, excellent mechanical properties, including tear and abrasion resistance, outstanding softness, drapeability and comfort.