Brand Owner Address Description
ALLIANCE REHAB Symbria, Inc. Suite 110
1520 Kensington Rd.
Oak Brook IL 60523
Geriatric health care management services; Health ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A speech processing system including a speech recognition unit to receive input speech, and a natural language processor. The speech recognition unit performs speech recognition on input speech using acoustic models to produce a speech recognition result. The natural-language processor performs natural language processing on speech recognition result, and includes: a speech zone detector configured to detect correct zones from the speech recognition result; a feedback unit to feed back information obtained as a result of the natural language processing performed on the speech recognition result to said speech recognition unit. The feedback information includes the detected correct zones. The speech recognition unit includes an adaptation processor to process the feedback information to adapt the acoustic models so that the speech recognition unit produces the speech recognition result with higher precision than when the adaptation processor is not used.