Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
B BUDGET APPAREL Budget Company Limited 16/F, No. 78 Hung To Road
Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Advertisement and publicity services by television, ...
ORIGAMI Origami Music, LLC 1816 W. Sunset Boulevard
Los Angeles CA 90026
Musical sound recordings, phonorecords featuring music; ...
PAYPATH ARJ Infusion Services, Inc. 10049 Lakeview Avenue
Lenexa KS 66219
Computer services, hosting computer programs for ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Techniques for dynamically distributing short messages include storing action data and parameter data. Action data indicates actions for forwarding a short message and includes an action to bypass a short message service center (SMSC). Parameter data indicates parameters in network protocol headers for a short message. Provider input data is received that indicates a special value set and a special action set. The special value set includes a value for a corresponding special parameter set that includes a parameter from the parameter data. The special action set includes an action to be performed if an actual value set matches the special value set. When a particular short message is received, it is determined whether an actual value set based on the particular short message matches the special value set. If so, then the short message is processed according to the special action set.