Brand Owner Address Description
OREVIDA DSM IP Assets B.V. Het Overloon 1
6411TE Heerlen
Syrups for making beverages; preparations for ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An apparatus for producing milk drinks or foamed milk drinks, especially for a coffee machine, is envisaged with a capsule (1, 1', 1?) containing a pre-determined quantity of milk for a single use. The capsule (1, 1', 1?) can be positioned above an outlet (2) and heated. In addition, a device for opening the floor (9, 9a) to extract the milk from the capsule (1, 1', 1?) should be provided so that air can be added to the milk exiting from the capsule (1, 1', 1?) for a possible foaming of the milk. The apparatus is simple and cost-effective and simple to maintain.