Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
GDZ KING REV.5:10 Hamm, Jeron L 2215 Newton St ne
Washington DC 20018
Adult novelty gag clothing item, socks; ...
KUMBAYA FAMILY Kim, Hyo Keun 1411 Eagle Park Rd. #107
Hacienda Heights CA 91745
Adult novelty gag clothing item, socks; ...
WHAT'S GOOD MARCOART Marco, Peter 230 Park Ave
Suite 840
New York NY 10169
Adult novelty gag clothing item, socks; ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A combined hamper and wash bag which provides a convenient arrangement for separating and maintaining separation of pairs of socks or small laundry items from large items prior to washing and throughout the washing and drying process. The bag comprises a mesh bag portion having one open end, having drawstrings for the closures, and zippers for closures. A center webbing, used to secure the several bags in place, and a hanging feature used for hanging the invention on a hook for easy access. The openings comprising the mesh bag are of adequate size to allow sufficient water flow. The bags are filled with one pair of socks, placed with the laundry into the washer and dryer thereby maintaining separation and eliminating the loss of socks. The pre and post sorting of socks will not be needed and the time spent to do this task is virtuously gone forever.