Brand Owner Address Description
GENUS TerreStar Networks Inc. 12010 Sunset Hills Road, Sixth Floor
Reston VA 20190
Electronic handheld data and communication devices, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. There are provided a protective layer transfer sheet, which, upon transfer on an image formed by thermal transfer recording, provides a protective layer that can impart stampability and writability with a pen using an aqueous ink, a fountain pen or the like and, at the same time, is excellent in water resistance, solvent resistance and the like, and a print using the same. The protective layer transfer sheet comprises: a substrate sheet; and a thermally transferable protective layer provided on at least a part of one side of the substrate sheet, wherein the thermally transferable protective layer forms a protective layer having a water absorptive property upon thermal transfer and comprises at least a peel layer, a stampable and writable protective layer, and a heat-adhesive resin layer provided in that order as viewed from the substrate sheet side, the stampable and writable protective layer comprises water resistant micro-regions, which are resistant to water and porous, and water absorptive micro-regions formed of a water absorptive resin, and the mass ratio on a dry basis between constituents of the water resistant micro-regions and constituents of the water absorptive micro-regions is 0.1<constituent of water absorptive micro-regions/constituent of water resistant micro-regions<0.4.