Brand Owner Address Description
ZGEAR Northwest Electronics Distributing Company 5410 SE International Way
Milwaukie OR 97222
battery packs; battery packs for personal ...

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Technical Examples
  1. In a method and system for operating each smart battery included in a smart battery system, the smart battery is initialized prior to the smart battery being electrically coupled to the smart battery system. The smart battery system or an external power source is selected to provide power to an information handling system device. The smart battery includes an electronics device, a charge switch and a discharge switch. The electronics device operates the charge and discharge switches to jointly control an operating condition of the smart battery in response to receiving a control input from a controller of the device. The charge and discharge switches are closed in response to the electronics device and the controller being in agreement to charge the first smart battery. The charge or the discharge switch is opened in response to either the electronics device or the controller directing either of the switches to be opened.