Brand Owner Address Description
DESIGNING STAR Magna Card, Inc 36 East Long Ave.
DuBois PA 15801
Drawing and sketch kits containing various ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An electronic sketch pad and auxiliary monitor to be used as a peripheral to personal computers. The electronic sketch pad and auxiliary monitor slides under or attaches to the computer keyboard and is used as an auxiliary monitor to the primary CRT monitor. The electronic sketch pad is above and parallel to the key tops, and can be adjusted to give enough room so you can still operate the keyboard. If you are video teleconferencing with a client or colleague you can sketch an idea on the electronic sketch pad and send it without interrupting your primary monitor screen. The operator can move the electronic sketch pad from an optimal sketch position to an optimal auxiliary monitor position below the primary monitor. Now while having a WEB screen on the primary monitor you can be taking notes, doing word processing or working other programs on the auxiliary monitor. With multi-monitor software the sketch pad and auxiliary monitor are in front of the operator relieving the need to twist the operators neck to the side, and saving desk space that would have been needed for a conventional CRT auxiliary monitor and digitizer.