Brand Owner Address Description
GANSAI TAMBI Kuretake Co., Ltd. 576, Minamikyobate-cho 7-chome
Nara-shi, Nara 630-8670
Writing paper; postcard paper; Japanese art ...

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Technical Examples
  1. The invention relates to a housing unit (1), such as a caravan or a motor home with an extensible room (3) or slide-out and an awning (7) with a rollable awning canvas (8) attached above this room (3), so that, when sliding out the room (3), the awning canvas (8) will automatically be rolled off above this room (3) until the foremost edge of the awning canvas (8) will have passed the front wall (4) of the slide-out (3), in order to protect this front wall from the sun. Rolling off the awning canvas (8) automatically is preferably caused by the sliding out motion of the slide-out (3). Furthermore, an arm (12), (13) connected to the canvas (8) may be provided, which is rotatably connected to the slide-out and which will be rotated when moving out the slide-out and will take along the awning canvas (8) until it will pass the said front wall (4). This invention likewise relates to an awning (1) provided for such a housing unit (1) and a method to install the awning (7).