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AIM SPORTS AIM Sports Incorporated 1321 East Chief Privado
Ontario CA 91761
Wholesale and retail store services featuring ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An over-and-under shotgun apparatus includes a radius track which serves as a hinge for articulating the barrel portion of the shotgun apparatus relative to the receiver/stock portion of the shotgun apparatus. The radius track is defined by a female or concave portion formed on the monoblock attached to the shotgun barrels, and a male or convex portion formed on the frame or receiver section. The radius track defines a pivot axis that is spaced from the radius track. The radius track provides a substantial surface area sufficient to absorb all of the recoil force generated when the shotgun is discharged. No additional abutment surfaces are needed. A further aspect of the invention involves a novel trigger assembly, including a striker which moves toward the front end of the firearm when the firearm is cocked, and moves toward the butt end of the firearm when the trigger is pulled to discharge the firearm. Yet another novel aspect of the invention relates to a four-position safety switch for selecting the firing sequence of the upper and lower barrels.