Brand Owner Address Description
BUDDHA BEACH Multisport Industria, Comercio E Representacoes Ltda. Avenida Prefeito Luiz Latorre no. 4860
Jundiai 13209-430
Pants, jackets, shirts, T-shirts, blouses, shorts, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A circuit for isolating a short-circuited integrated circuit (IC) formed on the surface of a semiconductor wafer from other ICs formed on the wafer that are interconnected with the short-circuited IC includes control circuitry within the short-circuited IC for sensing the short circuit. The control circuitry may sense the short circuit in a variety of ways, including sensing excessive current drawn by the short-circuited IC, and sensing an abnormally low or high voltage within the short-circuited IC. Switching circuitry also within the short-circuited IC selectively isolates the short-circuited IC from the other ICs on the wafer in response to the control circuitry sensing the short circuit. As a result, if the wafer is under probe test, for example, testing can continue uninterrupted on the other ICs while the short-circuited IC is isolated.