Brand Owner Address Description
FOXY BABY BY JUAN LEGATO Parker, Kevin, Ramey POBox 31411 Wash DC 20030 - 1411
Washington DC DC 20030
Men's, women's and children's clothing ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A method and apparatus for flexing a concealed holster to secure the contents of the holster in the holster. An elongate substantially rigid elastically flexible sling is secured to a side of the holster such that the elongate member and side of the holster can be partially separated so the wearer's shirts can be inserted therebetween to conceal the holster. The lower end of the sling can be flexed outwardly away from the side of the holster such that a portion of the outer side adjacent the lower end is, when the sling is flexed outwardly to insert the wearer's shirt, flexed inwardly to compress a pistol in the storage compartment.