Brand Owner Address Description
SHARK REPEL Beathard, Brian 704 Fair St.
Franklin TN 37064
Shark repellent bracelet/anklet

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Technical Examples
  1. A method for making beaded jewelry is provided. The method utilizes a megaphone shaped device having a small diameter first end and a larger diameter second end. The circumference of the first end is that of one part of the human body, such as a child's wrist. The circumference of the second end is the size of another part of the human body, such as an adult ankle. Markings on the girth of the device sequentially graduate in circumference and define graduated bracelet, anklet and other jewelry sizes. When one is making a bracelet or other article of jewelry of strung beads, the diameter of the beads affects the finished length of the article. Use of the device takes into account the diameters of the beads and thereby ensures that the finished item of beaded jewelry will fit the intended wearer.