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'N SHAPE 'N Shape Fitness Equipment, Inc. 220 State Farm Parkway, Suite 100 Birmingham AL 35209 IN SHAPE;retail sales services, namely, the sale of home and commercial fitness equipment, namely, treadmills, home gyms, stair climbers, bikes, free weights, and tanning equipment;The shading in the drawing does not indicate color.;
BARCO RENT-A-TRUCK Bott Enterprises, Inc. 717 South 5600 West Salt Lake City UT 84104 The mark consists of a polygonal shape with internal lines and the trademark BARCO and the term RENT-A-TRUCK inside of the shape.;Rental of motor vehicles; Rental of trucks; Rental of vehicles;Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.;RENT-A-TRUCK;
FREETRESS SHAKE-N-GO FASHION, INC. 85 Harbor Road Port Washington NY 11050 The mark consists of the distinctive trade dress characterizing the front of the packaging for applicant's goods. The packaging is substantially rectangular in shape, with the lower side being curved in shape. A blue curve design is located at the bottom of the package, a first yellow curve design is located directly above the blue curve design, and a second yellow curve design is located at the top of the package. The center of the package between the first and second yellow curve designs is white and includes the stylized word FREETRESS, which includes the color purple in the element FREE and the colors red, orange and yellow in the element TRESS. The broken lines are intended to show the product associated with the mark and are not claimed as a part of the mark.;Hair products and accessories, namely, wigs, hair pieces, ponytail hair pieces, ponytail holders, add-on hair accessories constructed primarily of synthetic and/or human hair, hair extensions, hair braids, hair weaves;FREE TRESS;The color(s) yellow, blue, white, purple, red and orange is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.;
INSHAPE SARAMAR CORPORATION Cannon Building, Suite 145 861 Silver Lake Boulevard Dover DE 19901 IN SHAPE;shorts, pants, sweatshirts, sweatpants, sports bras, unitards, leotards, bike shorts, shirts, T-shirts, bodysuits, ladies' tops and bottoms designed for exercise and cover-ups after exercise;
INSHAPE Healthy American Beverages, Inc. 5730 Commons Park Drive East Syracuse NY 13057 IN SHAPE;Color is not claimed as a feature of the mark.;Non-alcoholic soft drinks; non-alcoholic fruit-flavored drinks; carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks; non-alcoholic fruit-flavored and tea-flavored beverages; soft drinks flavored with tea; concentrates, syrups or powders used in the preparation of soft drinks and fruit-flavored drinks; low sugar soft drinks and low calorie soft drinks;
INSHAPE HP GLOBAL BRANDS, INC. 395 WEST 10 STREET, SUITE 1 Hialeah FL 33010 IN SHAPE;Alcoholic beverages except beers;
INSHAPE THE MENTAL HEALTH CENTER OF GREATER MANCHESTER, INC. 401 CYPRESS STREET MANCHESTER NH 03103 IN SHAPE;counseling services in the field of psychological, emotional, and physical health;
INSHAPE Kenneth Jue 23 Ridgewood Avenue Keene NH 03431 IN SHAPE;counseling services in the field of psychological, emotional, and physical health;
ISHAPE Meridian Furniture Inc. 1422 Coney Island Avenue Brooklyn NY 11230 I SHAPE;Beds; Mattresses; Pillows;
ISHAPE JAFA ENTERPRISE 602 GARDENS DR APT 103 POMPANO BEACH FL 33069 I SHAPE;Athletic apparel, namely, shirts, pants, jackets, footwear, hats and caps, athletic uniforms; Baby doll pyjamas; Bathing suits; Bikinis; Bras; Clothing, namely, thobes; G-strings; Jeans; Jumpers; Lingerie; Long underwear; Maternity sleepwear; Pajama bottoms; Pants; Shirts; Sports bra; Sports pants; Straps for bras; Stretch pants; Sweat pants; Sweaters; Swimsuits; Tank tops; Tops; Undergarments; Underpants; Undershirts; Underwear; Waist cinchers; Wearable garments and clothing, namely, shirts; Yoga pants; Yoga shirts;
REGGIO-EMILIA ORGANIC D.O.P. 36 MONTHS LUCINI ITALIA ORGANICS ARTISANAL RESERVE LUCINI ITALIA COMPANY Suite A-1 1367 East Lassen Avenue Chico CA 95973 The mark consists of the overall trade dress of one of the sides of the Applicant's cheese packaging. The side of the package is trapezoidal in shape, where the left edge and right edge are parallel to each other while to the top edge and bottom edge are not. The left edge of the packaging side is longer than the right edge, and the top edge is angled so that it meets the higher left edge and lower right edge. The shape of the package itself is not claimed as an element of the trade dress covered by this registration, and therefore the quadrilateral shape appears in black broken lines. The trade dress includes a circular crest-like logo on the left-hand section of the packaging side, which appears in red and has black lettering. This logo features a red circle within which appears the black outline of another circle, within which appears the black outline of yet another, inner circle. The inner most circle contains the number 36 prominently in the center, where the 3 appears slightly lower than the 6. In between the outer black circle and the inner black circle appears the wording REGGIO-EMILIA ORGANIC, in black letters, where the wording REGGIO-EMILIA appears across the top of and outside the innermost circle and the word ORGANIC appears around the bottom of and outside the innermost circle. Horizontally and cutting across both the outer and inner circles appears the acronym D.O.P. to the left of the 3 in the number 36 and on the left-hand side of the circular logo, and the word Months on the right-hand side of the circular logo and to the right of the 6 in the number 36. All of the lettering and lines within the red circle appear in black. The trade dress also includes, on the right-hand section of the packaging side: the word LUCINI appearing in black in a slightly rounded line where the center of the word is higher than the beginning and the end; under the mark LUCINI appears the word ITALIA in black in a straight line and in smaller letters; and under the word ITALIA, in larger letters than ITALIA but smaller letters than LUCINI, appears the word ORGANICS, straight across, in black letters, and within a red rectangle. Along the bottom of the label appears the outline of a rectangular box where dotted black lines make up the perimeter of the rectangle. The box is included in the trade dress claim, and is divided by vertical lines into thirds, with the center third being slightly larger than the third on the left and the third on the right. The box is further divided in that the left-hand third of the box and the right-hand third of the box are each divided in half with a horizontal line. Appearing in the center third of this rectangular box is the wording Artisanal Reserve in decorative, italic black lettering and the appearance of this wording is also claimed as part of the trade dress. The entire background of the packaging side appears parchment-like (tan background with light brown markings), making the packaging side appear as if it has texture, and this look is claimed as part of the trade dress. All color as shown on the drawing is claimed as a feature of the trade dress. The trade dress is shown as it appears, on a package for cheese. The placement of the trade dress elements on the package is claimed as an element of the trade dress.;organic cheese;The color(s) red, black, tan, is/are claimed as a feature of the mark.;The letters D.O.P. stands for Denominazione di Origine Protetta which translates from Italian to English as Denomination of Protected Origin.;REGGIO-EMILIA ORGANIC, D.O.P. 36 MONTHS, ITALIA ORGANICS AND ARTISANAL RESERVE;
SHAPESHE Shapshe Clothing (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. 106 Fengze East Road, Nansha District Guangzhou, Guangdong 510000 China SHAPE SHE; SHAPES HE;Underwear; Bikinis; Body shapers; Bodysuits; Bras; Corsets being clothing; Dresses; Leggings; Lingerie; Pajamas; Panties; Shoes; Swimwear; Tops as clothing;

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Technical Examples
  1. A hanger designed with hook member having a loop section is presented. The loop section, which is shaped in forms including a triangular shape, a rectangular shape, a circular shape and the like, allows other hanger hooks to be placed in the shape (e.g., triangular shape, circular shape). The frame can be made of wood or plastic material. With this new design, hangers can be stacked to utilize vertical space when needed.