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AIRFILMS 0731385 B.C. LTD. P.O. Box 31116 #8-2929 St. Johns Street
Port Moody V3H2C0
(Based on 44(d) Priority Application) (Based ...
INVEQUITY OULIPO INC. #505-377 Sherbrooke Ouest
Montreal h3e1b5
Computer software; Computer operating programs; Computer ...
OLYMPIC COMMUNICATIONS 0731385 B.C. LTD. P.O. Box 31116,#8-2929 St. Johns Street
port moody V3H2C0
Business clothing;Billboards;Digital billboards;Vehicle Wraps;Software as a ...
REALTYMARKETER Ecitydeals Ltd. 288 Georgia street , east, suite 130
Vancouver V6A4H8
Computer games software; Computers; Computer Software; ...
ROCK THE RUNWAY Empire Seven LLC 48280 Mallard Dr.
Chesterfield MI 48047
Promoting goods and services by arranging ...
TRIGRID Ecitydeals ltd. 288 Georgia street , east, suite 130
Vancouver V6a4h8
Computer games software; Software as a ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Application services gateways that execute electronic application programs/services allows the application programs/services to be managed and administered out of a network rather than locally. The application services gateways are elements in a services delivery system that execute application programs/services that control or otherwise interact with systems and devices of a home or business such as a heating and cooling system or a security system. The application services gateways have a LAN connection to a communication gateway that in turn communicates over a WAN to a remote services gateway. The remote services gateway channels data from a remote service platform to provide application programs/services and management services over the WAN to the communications gateway where it is then channeled to the application services gateways. The installation and management of the application programs/services residing and/or being executed at the local site on the application services gateways relieves the consumer of such responsibilities.