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PATH INTERACTIVE Path Interactive, Inc. 915 Broadway Suite 501 New York NY 10010 Search engine marketing; online marketing and advertising; social media marketing consulting in the field of social media optimization; website marketing services for websites, namely, managing paid search ad campaigns, website marketing consulting and marketing consulting in the field of website marketing optimization; paid search advertising;INTERACTIVE;
SEARCH CONNECT icrossing, inc. 300 West 57th Street New York NY 10019 Search engine marketing, namely, the optimization of web content to meet the criteria of search engines to produce increased consumer response;SEARCH;

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Technical Examples
  1. A search engine architecture substitutes short indices for large data widths, thereby reducing widths required for input to and output from the search engine. The search engine system comprises a search engine responsive to an input address to access an index in the search engine. The index has a width no greater than logarithm on base 2 of the search engine capacity, thereby permitting the search engine to be embodied in an IC chip of reduced area. A driver responds to input commands and to the search engine status to manage indices in the search engine and enable the memory to access its addressable locations based on indices in the search engine.