Brand Owner Address Description
SECOND SKIN GARMENT COMPANY Second Skin & Otis Ltd. Unit 11
Vaughan L4H1X9
clothing, sweaters, t-shirts, longsleeve t-shirts, crew ...

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Technical Examples
  1. The subject invention is a single purpose clothes hanger apparatus and structure having text messaging appendages extending laterally outwardly from the upper neck portion of the hanger. At least one additional horizontal bar from which additional articles of clothing can be attached or hanged, each such bar comprises a linear horizontal extending member equilaterally affixed below the neck portion of the hanger, the customary horizontal bar member being adapted with a receptacle such as a clear, netting, or transparent paper disposable bag for containing and exposing underwear, ties, scarves, socks, and the like. The text messaging appendages are adapted to indicate to the wearer or his or her valet, caregiver, a child, or a childcare provider the day of the week for which the garments attached to hanger are to be used along with related clothing and/or other instructions pertinent to the wearer.