Brand Owner Address Description
ALKI'I Cozee World Inc. 8113 S Lemont Road
Darien IL 60561
Clothing, yoga pants, lounge pants, pajama ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A hat member has a lower rim with a scarf attached thereto which extends between the temple areas around the back of the head. The scarf has and eye edge proximate the lower part of the eye sockets and extends from there to an area proximate the juncture of the neck with the torso or trunk. The scarf is loose and has folds under the chin so that a coat or other outer garment can be positioned and closed there over without restricting movement of the user. The scarf extends from the rim down proximate the nape of the neck to protect the back of the head and he rear of the neck. The hat member has a crown into which the scarf member can be positioned and stored while the hat is being worn. In turn the scarf may be moved between a stored position in the crown of the hat member and a deployed position removed from the crown and deployed over and about the head of the user.