Brand Owner Address Description
AMROAD AmRoad Technology Inc. 18F-3 No.150, Chien I Rd., Chung Ho City
Taipei County
Telecommunication transmitters; Transmitters of electronic signals; ...

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Technical Examples
  1. High availability BGP4 is based on redundant hardware as well as redundant software that replicates the RUN state of BGP4. There are two copies, respectively active and backup, of BGP4 running on two separate redundant hardware platforms. All BGP4 internal implementations apply various methods to replicate the running state of BGP4 independently of peer network routers. When this hardware or software fails on one redundant hardware platform, peer routers are unaware of the failure. Internally, based on duplicative states, the local router recovers from the failure and keeps the protocol running. During the recovery period, the local router can bring up a backup again. In the HA architecture, these activities are not detected by peer routers, such that there is no instability to the Internet backbone caused by BGP4 failure.