Brand Owner Address Description
SEAMLESS HEALTH Seamless Health, Inc. C/O Accretive, LLC
51 Madison Avenue, 31st Floor
New York NY 10010
Business management services in the fields ...

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Technical Examples
  1. The present invention provides methods for integrating the peer review process with other applications and facilitating peer review using a user interface linked to a peer review application having knowledge base information and defined rules for: accepting a paper for peer review, assigning the paper to one or more of a defined set of reviewers for review, providing to the reviewers one or more criteria to be used for reviewing and evaluating each paper for enabling each reviewer to create a peer review result, and processing all peer review results for any paper to produce a peer review report. Access to these systems and methods may be provided, for example, on a stand-alone computer or over the Internet, World Wide Web, or an intranet.