Brand Owner Address Description
NIPROS NIHON VIDEO SYSTEM CO., LTD. 17-2, Yanagiharacho 4-chome
Tsushima-shi, Aichi 496-0046
Cinematographic machines and apparatus; Photographic machines ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Headsets are used in variety of applications to facilitate one- or two-way audio communications between users and/or devices. The present inventor recognized that conventional headsets lack means for successfully integrating more than one audio source, despite their use in proximity to multiple sources of audio signals, such as cell phones, laptops, aircraft radios, and so forth. Accordingly, the present inventors devised one or more devices, circuits, and methods related to connection of at least two audio input signals to a headset. For example, in one embodiment, an active-noise-reduction (ANR) headset includes at least one auxiliary port for connection to an output of at least one device, such as a personal communications, computing, and/or entertainment device. This exemplary headset also includes a primary port for connection to a two-radio or public-address system and circuitry for automatically suppressing or muting the volume of an auxiliary input signal relative to that of a primary input signal.