Brand Owner Address Description
ALPINE F#1 STATUS Alpine Electronics, Inc. 1-1-8 Nishi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku
Tokyo 141-8501
Audio players and recorders, compact disc ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A method and device for recording video on a record carrier (11), e.g. an optical disc. The information is arranged according to a recording format, e.g. DVD-video, for being playable in standardized players. The video information is subdivided into cells and playback parameters for reproducing sequences of the cells are included in control information. The format prescribes that within the recording area the control information precedes the video information for playback functions of the recorded video. However for home recording it is preferable that a recording is made in one pass, i.e. the video is to be recorded directly at its final location. Therefore the recorder has a control unit (20) for performing the following steps: first creating a free area (12) by selecting a starting point (13) within the recording area different from the beginning of the recording area, thereafter recording the real-time information from the starting point (13), and recording the control information in said free area (12).