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MDS FUTURESOURCE/BRIDGE 955 Parkview Boulevard Lombard IL 60148 Computer software that allows a stock trader to receive, store, and access real time data from financial markets;
U.S. TRADE & BARTER ASSOCIATION, INC. U.S. Trade & Barter Association, Inc. 7370 Hodgson Memorial Drive Suite A-8 Savannah GA 31406 trade and barter exchange which keeps track of trade dollars (a unit of accounting denoting the right to receive, or the obligation to pay, in goods or services available within a barter system) between it's members;

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Technical Examples
  1. A RAKE receiver device includes a plurality of fingers for demodulating multipath receive data, and a data synthesis circuit for synthesizing the receive data from each of the paths and demodulated by the plural fingers. Each time the receive data is demodulated by one of the plural fingers, the data synthesis circuit adds cumulatively the demodulated receive data for each identical receive data from each of the paths, and synthesizes the data.