Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
BE THE WHEAT Goodman, Teresa L. 72 S Sunset Dr
Vineyard UT 84058
Clothing, pants, shirts, skirts, gloves, jackets, ...
WHEAT Offspring A/S Grusbakken 9DK
Clothing, pants, shirts, skirts, gloves, jackets, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A self-dumping rain gauge including a collection container with value indications for gauging rainfall amounts is disclosed. The methodology discovers an apparatus comprising a rain collection container with a top hole, a replaceable rain collection cap containing a rain collection chamber and a plug with channels, a bottom hole, and a siphoning tube located within the rain collection container. The siphoning tube, including an open first end that protrudes through the bottom hole; a curved midpoint, or alternatively an intersecting midpoint, located near the top of the container; and a second end that is within the rain collection container, permits the rain collection container to be self-dumping. A flat surface, with easy to read numbers directly correlating to value indications (e.g., graduation marks, horizontal lines), is attached to the rain collection container to provide a method for gauging amounts of rainfall.