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AZZLY IntuitivEMR, Inc. Suite 307
2770 Indian River Boulevard
Vero Beach FL 32960
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Technical Examples
  1. In one embodiment, a method for designing a radiographic imaging system includes 1) receiving a number of design constraints for the system, and then 2) in response to the constraints, generating a plurality of radiographic imaging system designs, each having a different number of radiographic sources, and each requiring a different number of nominal scan passes to image a specimen region of interest. Designs having a greater number of radiographic sources have sets of translated radiographic detection areas sharing at least some coincident, nominal scan passes as compared to radiographic imaging system designs having fewer radiographic sources. Each set of translated radiographic detection areas is associated with a radiographic source that is replicated and translated with respect to a radiographic source that forms part of a radiographic imaging system design having fewer radiographic sources. Related systems and apparatus are also disclosed.