Brand Owner Address Description
OPERATIONS ENGINEERED blue Wing, Inc. P.O. Box 16318
St. Paul MN 55116
Providing wired and wireless communications consulting ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A radio apparatus including an outer encasement, a radio signal receiver secured relative to the outer encasement and configured to receive at least one of AM and FM radio signals, an audio output operatively connected to the radio signal receiver, and wherein the audio output may be limited to a predetermined radio signal frequency representing broadcast services of a radio station. The invention further includes a method of promoting radio broadcast services, comprising providing a radio apparatus which includes an audio output, an encasement with at least one promotional element thereon, setting the radio apparatus to provide audio output only for a predetermined radio broadcast frequency related to a source of the radio broadcast services being promoted; and distributing the radio apparatus to one of existing and prospective listeners of the source of the radio broadcast services being promoted, thereby promoting the broadcast services.