Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
EGO EDIFIER Craig Smith 7 Oak Lane
Old Brookville NY 11545
Consulting services in the fields of ...
SUPER3 B6 Media, Inc. 2343 NW 196th St.
Shoreline WA 98177
Education services, providing on-line presentations ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A system for providing, in a television system, the combination, transmission, and reception of multiple video presentations over a single channel of a television distribution system. Presentations may be concurrently broadcast for viewing by many users, as well as interactively requested for display by many (potentially one thousand or more) individual users. A presentation consists of a sequence of images which reproduce a full motion, reduced motion, or a still image video presentation for the user when displayed. The signal is transmitted in a standard television format, and consists of a sequence of video images from the various presentations being transmitted. A user terminal receiving the transmitted signal is selectably operable to display one of the multiple transmitted presentations with accompanying audio. The terminal identifies the video images on an associated television receiver. The number of concurrent presentations, and the degree of motion in the presentations are dynamically variable. User requested interactive instructions between a user at the terminal end and the presentation system are transmitted by an associated telephone line or other communications link. A selected group of continuously transmitted interactive information can be accessed without the use of a communications link.