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INASSIST Insuranceassist, Inc. 3480 Torrance Blvd.
Suite 110
Torrance CA 90503
healthcare services, wellness programs; health counseling ...
INASSIST Insuranceassist, Inc. Ste 110
3480 Torrance Blvd
Torrance CA 90503
(Based on Intent to Use) Healthcare ...
INASSIST + WELLNESS Insuranceassist, Inc. Ste 110
3480 Torrance Blvd
Torrance CA 90503
Healthcare services, wellness programs; health counseling ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A patient monitoring system in cooperation with IMDs provides information, direction and counseling to patients. Specifically, a combination of lifestyle parameters, such as, for example, diet, exercise, weight, medication and environmental factors such as, for example, temperature, UV factor, pollen count, humidity, air pollution index, are integrated to provide a seamless, comprehensive, chronic monitoring system and support for patients. The system includes a home monitor, IMD, and a remote expert station in operable data communications therebetween. Personal data such as weight, environmental data, food data from refrigerators and pantry, type of exercise equipment, medication, physiologically significant events, physician treatment plan and the like are integrated with IMD data to provide continuous patient care, counseling, consultation and notification. The remote expert station enables doctors and other health care providers to review, monitor current and long-term trends of the patient's health status and dispense clinical care as needed.