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ACRETIX Ram Karuppusamy 13454 Sunrise Valley Dr, Suite 120
Herndon, VA VA 20171
Providing temporary use of non-downloadable software ...

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Technical Examples
  1. It is disclosed a method of adjusting mobility management in a mobile communication network, said mobile communication network comprising a mobility control unit (4; 40; 320) adapted to track location of communication units (1; 10; 310) communicating in said mobile communication network and to control the mobility management for said communication units. Mobility information related to a communication unit is provided (S1) to said mobility control unit, which evaluates (S2) the degree of mobility of said communication unit from said mobility information related to said communication unit. On the basis of said evaluated degree of mobility, mobility management elements used for mobility management of said communication unit in said mobile communication network are correspondingly adjusted (S3). Furthermore, there are disclosed a corresponding mobility control unit, a corresponding communication unit as well as a corresponding mobility management adjustment system.