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ACTIVTABLE Promethean Limited Promethean HouseGB
United Kingdom
Wireless apparatus and instruments, computer peripherals ...
COOLSTREET Promethean Limited Promethean HouseGB
United Kingdom
Computer software for data processing ...

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Technical Examples
  1. The invention addresses the needs of a professional service provider to organize and display items at or on his or her work stations that are of both a personal and professional nature, in a manner that is compact, efficient, and tidy. The apparatus includes a substantially rigid frame having a plurality of openings and/or receptacles which are adapted to receive objects, for example, scissors or shears, pens, pencils, or a pad of note paper, as well as an assortment of optional holders adapted to receive and display, for example, business cards, a professional license, professional announcements and fee schedules. The device further includes an externally accessible media storage sleeve configured for viewable display of a flat media display item, for example a photograph.