Brand Owner Address Description
2LS TOOLS Kabushiki Kaisha Topcon 75-1, Hasunuma-cho, Itabashi-ku
Tokyo 174-8580
Surveying apparatus and instruments and accessories ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An optical prism assembly. The optical prism assembly includes an isosceles triangular prism and a plurality of prism blocks. The isosceles triangular prism comprises a base angle, between 30° and 45°. A first prism block and a second prism block are connected to two bounding surfaces of the isosceles triangular prism having equal lengths. A third prism block is connected between the first prism block and the second prism block. A first dichroic filter and a second dichroic filter are formed on the isosceles triangular prism and two adjacent bounding surfaces of each prism blocks, such that the isosceles triangular prism is combined with each prism block to form a first filter continuous plane and a second filter continuous plane.