Brand Owner Address Description
PLATINUM PREFERRED US Airways, Inc. 111 W. Rio Salado Parkway
Tempe AZ 85281
Transportation services, airline passenger services in ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A system and method for centralized security screening of packages including baggage. The system creates images and data concerning baggage to be reviewed, packetizes the data long with additional identification information, and conveys the data packets to a central screening location. All analysis of the baggage information is accomplished in a centralized way with risk assessments being provided to each image. Upon sensing of a package or baggage of concern, alerts may be sent to the screening location for action. Artificial intelligence tools are used to pre-screen images to assist with workload assignment. Baggage may also be associated with the identity of a passenger. The passenger identity is used to acquire passenger information that is incorporated into the baggage screening process. Screening rules that utilize passenger information are implemented to determine a screening response based on a passenger-specific basis.