Brand Owner Address Description
AMROAD AmRoad Technology Inc. 18F-3 No.150, Chien I Rd., Chung Ho City
Taipei County
Telecommunication transmitters; Transmitters of electronic signals; ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A method and system for the display of the activity of users at a plurality of workstations (108, 110) is provided. The plurality of workstations (108, 110) are grouped in more than one distributed geographical location (102, 104). The disclosed method and system include continuously collecting data from each workstation (108, 110) with the data relating to the activity of a user at the workstation (108, 110). The data from the workstations (108, 110) is compiled in a central database (120) and displayed in a display in the form of an abstract representation (138, 140, 144) of the activity of users at the workstations (108, 110) displayed in real time. The display includes the data from the workstations (108, 110) in the more than one geographical location (102, 104).