Brand Owner Address Description
GELLI ARTS Gelli Arts LLC 810 S. 8th Street
Philadelphia PA 19147
painting accessories, palettes, paint, ink, craft ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Techniques are disclosed for performing color registration estimation and correction in a multi-head printer. A registration target is printed by the printer and captured by an image capture device (such as a camera) within the printer. The registration target includes a plurality of shapes, each of which is printed by a single one of the print heads in the printer, and which are arranged in a pattern designed to enable cross-web and down-web registration estimates to be generated. The printer analyzes the captured target to generate such cross-web and down-web registration estimates and thereby to generate cross-web and down-web registration corrections. The printer applies the registration corrections to subsequent print jobs, thereby reducing or eliminating misregistration in printed output. The techniques disclosed herein are suitable for use in printers having print heads that differ in resolution from each other.