Brand Owner Address Description
TURBO SERIES BY RIVA Audio Design Experts, Inc. 16782 Von Karman Avenue, Studio # 17
Irvine CA 92606
Consumer electronic products, audio amplifiers, audio ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A drive system includes a plurality of electric power devices, a drive case having a plurality of case segments which are connected to each other, each of the electric power devices being contained in one of the case segments, and a plurality of inverters, one for each of the electric power devices. The inverters are collectively attached to one of the case segments, and a flow path of a coolant for cooling the inverters is positioned between the case segment to which the inverters are attached and the inverters. Accordingly, a cooling unit which performs heat insulation and cooling between the drive system and the inverters is positioned only on the outer surface of one of the case segments and does not extend across the connection interfaces between the case segments. Therefore, the risk of leakage of the coolant into the drive case can be substantially eliminated.