Brand Owner Address Description
A ADAPT Adapt-Mobile Ltd 201 Clerkenwell WorkshopsGB
United Kingdom
Rechargeable alkaline batteries; power supplies, power ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A hinge assembly, a portable computer having the same and methods thereof can include a latching function. The hinge assembly includes a latching projection and latching groove coupled, respectively, to a main unit and a display unit of a portable computer. The latching projection and latching groove can slidingly engage with each other to hold the portable computer in a prescribed position (e.g., closed) unless a force greater than a prescribed force is applied. The hinge assembly includes a first mounting bracket; a first cam moving integrally with the first mounting bracket; a second mounting bracket fixed to a portion that can rotate relatively to the portion to which the first mounting bracket is fixed; and a second cam coupled to the second mounting bracket that rotates relatively with respect to the first cam while being in contact with and rubbed against the first cam. Thus, it is not necessary to separately provide a latch device for engagement between the display and the main body.