Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
POCKETVOICE MegaVoice Israel Ltd. HaHashmal St 2, Upper Industrial Zone, Tiberius 1431713 Israel Portable audio players; Portable digital electronic device for audio playback; Digital audio recorders and players; electronic announcer for recording and playback of an audio message or instructions;POCKET VOICE;
RELAXOPET RelaxoPet GmbH Stesse 11 Meschede 59872 Germany Portable audio players; Portable sound reproducers; Portable loudspeakers; Portable music players; Cases for portable audio players; Surveillance cameras; all the aforementioned goods, in particular for animal relaxation;Toys and playthings for pets, all aforementioned goods in particular for animal relaxation;RELAX O PET;
SONGPAL LINK Sony Corporation 1-7-1 Konan, Minato-ku Tokyo 108-0075 Japan Portable audio players, namely, portable digital audio players, portable digital audio tape players, portal MP3 players, portable MP4 players; smart phones; audio speakers; amplifiers; home theater systems comprised of optical disc players and recorders, DVD players and recorders, televisions, audio amplifiers and loudspeakers; DVD players and recorders; optical disc players and recorders; digital audio players and recorders, namely, digital audio players and recorders which used integrated circuits as recording media, audio disc players, radios; digital video players and recorders, namely, optical disc players and recorders, DVD players and recorders; headphones; recorded computer software for recording, processing, receiving, reproducing, transmitting, modifying, compressing, decompressing, broadcasting, merging and enhancing sound and video files; downloadable computer software for recording, processing, receiving, reproducing, transmitting, modifying, compressing, decompressing, broadcasting, merging and/or enhancing sound and video files; computer peripheral devices;SONG PAL LINK;LINK;
SPARK KONINKLIJKE PHILIPS N.V. High Tech Campus 52 Eindhoven 5656AG Netherlands Portable audio players, namely, MP3 and MP4 players;
TECHNICS PANASONIC HOLDINGS CORPORATION 1006, Oaza Kadoma, Kadoma-shi Osaka 571-8501 Japan Portable audio players; power amplifiers for automotive audio system; microphones; IC recorders (voice recorders); digital sound processors; audio mixers; audio equipment cleaners; optical fiber cables; audio cables/video cables; wireless microphone system consisting of wireless microphones, wireless transmitters, wireless powered speaker, wireless receivers, wireless amplifiers, diversity tuners; digital multi equalizers; digital multi processors; car audio apparatus; audio-visual equipment for automotive audio-visual systems including radios, DVD players, CD players, televisions, displays, monitors for rearview camera systems; speakers for automotive audio systems; subwoofers for automotive audio-visual systems; audio cables for use with DVD/CD changer; television receivers; plasma television receivers; plasma displays; plasma display panels; wall mount bracket for plasma display panels or plasma television receivers; LCD television receivers; liquid crystal displays; liquid crystal display panels; LCD video monitors; wireless displays; three dimensional television apparatus; combined television receivers incorporating disc/video tape players; video tuners; LCD (liquid crystal display) projectors; DVD video recorders; DVD video players; video display terminals; color image large-scale display apparatus; switching device for live image production; digital audiovisual mixers; digital photograph players to be connected with television apparatus; video monitors; home theater systems, namely, comprising DVD players, audio amplifiers and audio speakers; optical disc recorders; optical disc changers; optical disc cartridges; lens cleaning discs for optical disc players; smartphones; accessories for cellular phones, namely, battery packs, cases, chargers, holders, power supply adapters, headsets and microphones; hands free kits for mobile-phones; car navigation equipment; hand held navigation apparatus for assistance of travels; remote controllers for navigation apparatus; stands for navigation apparatus; cables for navigation apparatus; computers; computer peripheral devices; tablet computers; mobile computers; hard disc drives; USB cables; computer monitors; multimedia tablet computers; computer servers; external data storage media; blank optical discs; blank digital data storage media; noise filter; smart watch phones; remote controllers for audio-visual apparatus; computer software applications for use in playing, streaming, organizing and editing music contents and files; computer software applications for use in remote controls of headphones and earphones; computer terminals; digital audio players; audio electronic components, namely, surround sound systems; audio mixers; digital audio recorders; mobile phones; audio equipment for vehicles, namely, digital audio players, speakers, amplifiers; navigation apparatus for vehicles; personal digital assistants; electronic organizers; electronic notepads; computer and electronic games; cases and covers for record turntables; phonograph records; audio recordings featuring music; downloadable music via the internet and wireless devices; cases and covers for computers, laptops and tablet computers;
VIVASOUND VESYNC (SINGAPORE) PTE. LTD. #03-01 112 Robinson Road Robinson 112 068902 Singapore Portable audio players; Audio speakers; Wireless speakers;VIVA SOUND;

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Technical Examples
  1. A method and apparatus is disclosed for the customization of electronic equipment of which portable audio players, portable disc players, portable digital games and laptop computers are representative. The electronic equipment may be fitted with a substantially transparent faceplate that may cover removable inserts. These inserts may be customizable to provide unique decorative appearances to the electronic equipment upon which they may be fitted. Decorative designs may either be preprinted on the inserts or a user may produce a customized design.