Brand Owner (click to sort) Address Description
CLIMA-TECT Hanno Werk GmbH & Co.KG Hanno Ring 5
D 30880 Laatzen
Acoustic and thermal insulation for use ...
FOAMSEALR UC Industries, Inc. 3 Century Drive
Parsippany NJ 07054
polyethylene foam insulation for use in ...

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Technical Examples
  1. Provided is a method for manufacturing a foam-molded article by molding between molds a parison with a foam layer formed by extruding an expandable molten resin composition, obtained by melt-kneading a polyethylene resin and a physical foaming agent, to an area of low pressure from a die, wherein the polyethylene resin is selected from those having a melt flow rate of 0.1 to 25 g/10 minutes and a melt tension of not less than 1.5 cN, and wherein the apparent density of the foam layer in the foam-molded article is about 0.04 to 0.3 g/cm