Brand Owner Address Description
EMAGINEERED SOLUTIONS Emagineered Solutions, Inc 527 NW Elm Ave, Suite 3-405
Redmond OR 97756
Office supplies, pens, business cards, letterhead, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An improved construction for a grip, such as a golf club grip, employs interchangeable placards that may be utilized upon identical sockets formed in a first mold. The placards are constructed with at least one, and preferably a plurality, of raised displays, such as display symbols in the form of letters, numbers, geometric designs, and other display figures. Any number of different placards may alternatively be mounted upon a socket to produce a grip according to the present invention. The socket and placard are positioned by means of positioning pegs on the underside of the mounting base of the placard. The positioning pegs are inserted into corresponding locator openings in the wall of the socket. The socket, together with the placard mounted thereon, is positioned in a second mold having a mold cavity larger than the mold cavity of the first mold in which the socket is produced. The second mold is configured so that the display face or faces of the displays projecting out from the upper surface of the placard reside in contact with the inner molding surface of the second mold. A second charge of molten material is injected into the second mold, thereby forming a jacket that encapsulates the socket, covers the mounting base of the placard, and surrounds all of the raised displays on the placard. However, the display faces of the raised displays of the placard remain exposed.