Brand Owner Address Description
AIM SPORTS AIM Sports Incorporated 1321 East Chief Privado
Ontario CA 91761
Wholesale and retail store services featuring ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A weapon stock, adapted to receive a firing assembly including a barrel and a receiver connected to the barrel. The stock has a first pistol grip interposed between a first forestock located towards a forward end and a butt stock located towards a rear end. In assembly with the firing assembly, the barrel is located adjacent to the first forestock towards the forward end. The stock further includes an elongated lower second forestock element spatially separated below the stock for at least part of its length at a location substantially at or below the first pistol grip and extending for a distance equal to or less than the distance between the barrel end distal to the receiver and the rear end of buttstock. The second forestock is attached to the stock at two or more attachment points wherein at one or more said attachment point(s) the second forestock is not integrally formed with said stock.