Brand Owner Address Description
ACTIVTABLE Promethean Limited Promethean HouseGB
United Kingdom
Wireless apparatus and instruments, computer peripherals ...

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Technical Examples
  1. An image compositing and compression method based on the creation and processing of parallax differences in motion photography. A parallax scanning MOE lens creates discrete parallax differences in the objects in the recorded scene that are perceived by the viewer as enhanced texture and depth when displayed. Using parallax differences in a captured scene, a computer can detect objects for the purpose of creating image compositing mattes. This method allows matte passes to be filmed on location at the time of principal photography, thereby saving costly additional blue/green stage production shoot days associated with traveling matte techniques. In addition, because the mattes are based on parallax scan differences in the recorded scene and not on a uniform color and luminance process, certain conflicting scene subject colors will not have to be avoided. Also, because the matte scenes are recorded on location, the lighting in each of the various elements matches in the final composited image.