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AOSMART AOSMART Inc. 821 S Garfield Ave STE 202
Alhambra CA 91801
Battery chargers; Cases for mobile phones; ...
CC Zhou Shengliang B1407 Qianhaimingzhu,No.1340 Qianhai Rd.
Battery chargers; Cases for mobile phones; ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A keyboard augmenting hot key structure consisting of a main keyboard having expansion keyboards disposed at its lateral ends, the expansion keyboards each situated on a preloaded torque spring in the main keyboard internal section. A drive structure maintains the expansion keyboards within the main keyboard internal section such that when the expansion keyboards are not utilized, they are concealed within the internal section of the main keyboard. When the expansion keyboards are utilized, the operation of the drive structure torque springs impels the expansion keyboards outward from the main keyboard such that given the unchanged, overall keyboard physical size, there is usable space for accommodating numerous hot keys, providing the users to collect the expansion keyboards at will and without occupying space when the expansion keyboards are not utilized.