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KAYLO LIBERTY MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY 175 Berkeley Street Boston MA 02116 Personal digital assistant;
UME PHONE ETRUNK TECHNOLOGIES INC. 9F, No. 111, Sec. 1, Keelung Road Taipei Taiwan Personal Digital Assistant, Net phone, Internet Phone, Phone for Internet Video Conference, Mobile Phone, Video Conference Devices, namely, televisions, cameras, and telephones, Network Hardware, namely, Digital Encoder for Computer, Network Central Unit, Network Signal Repeater, Decoder, Communication Server, Network Concentrator, Network Signal Augmenter, Network Communicator, Network Router, Network Bridge, Hub, Signal Receiver, Electron Signal Transponder, Adaptor, Gateway, Telephone Earphone, Telephone Receiver, Telephone Transmitter, Telephone Repeater; Net phone Control Box, VoIP Phone Control Box, Net phone Controller.;Communication Transmission of Action Telephone, Communication Transmission, Telecom Connection of Internet, namely, Telecom Connection of Global Computer Information Communication Network, Information Transmission Online, Communication Transmission of Computer Terminals, Telecom Lines Connection, Providing Global Computer Network Path for Users; Communication Transmission of Fiber Network.;YOU ME PHONE;

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Technical Examples
  1. 1. A hand held personal digital assistant including: