Brand Owner Address Description
1SQBOX 1SQBOX, LLC 10 N. Calvert Street, Suite L045
Baltimore MD 21202
Automated systems, software, hardware and communications ...

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Technical Examples
  1. A virtual private network service provider, wherein virtual private network ("VPN") software for setting up a virtual private network connection is delivered from a server computer to one or more client computers over a computer network, such as the Internet. Once the VPN software is delivered to the client computers, it can be executed so that data communications are made as virtual private network communications under control of the VPN software. Because the VPN software is stored and maintained on a server computer, and preferably delivered to the various client computers on an as-needed basis, the distribution, integrity and updating of the VPN software is improved because the "master" version of the VPN software can be controlled and revised by merely accessing the server computer system, rather than by attempting to control and revise numerous copies of the VPN software resident on various, scattered client computers.