Brand Owner Address Description
CONTEMPORARY TRAVELER Contemporary Resources, Inc. Airport Center 1 6151 West Century Blvd., Suite 1018 Los Angeles CA 90045 personal amenity/grooming kits sold empty; backpacks; fannypacks; handbags; shoulder bags; travel bags; suitcases; wallets; purses; tote bags;first aid kits;personal amenity/grooming kits containing disposable items, namely, shave creme and toothpaste, and reusable amenities, namely, comb, toothbrush, and razor, sold as a unit; cosmetic bags containing travel amenities, namely, combs, brushes, razor, shaving cream, hair shampoo, bath gel, moisturizer, hand and body creams and lotions; hair shampoos, hair conditioner, sold as a unit; body, hand and facial soap, in portable bar or liquid form; non-medicated hand and body lotion; non-medicated suntan and sunblock lotion; shoe polish; hair styling mousse and gels; and emery boards;

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Technical Examples
  1. A vacuum grooming tool is disclosed that includes a vacuum nozzle attachable to a vacuum source and has a hollow body with a mouth opening. A grooming device selected from a variety of standard animal grooming hand tools, such as a shedding blade, rake, or de-matting tool, may span the mouth opening. The grooming device is positioned such that the airflow created by the vacuum source flows over at least one side of the grooming device. A vacuum cleaning tool for removing any animal hair from a grooming tool is also disclosed. A vacuum plenum of the cleaning tool is attachable to a vacuum source and has an opening for cleaning the grooming tool in one pass. The cleaning tool can be mounted on a stationary support and may also include a pivot-action mechanism that connects the vacuum grooming tool or the cleaning tool to the vacuum source.