Brand (click to sort) Owner Address Description
WHAT YOU'D RATHER BE WEARING Boxercraft Incorporated P.O. Box 20016
Atlanta GA 30325
Capri pants; cargo pants; jogging pants; ...
DOMINATE THE CAUSE Dominate The Cause LLC 1030 E. Lancaster Ave #118
Bryn Mawr PA 19010
Clothing, sleeveless t-shirts, short sleeve t-shirts, ...

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Technical Examples
  1. The invented product is a fleecebacked laminate that is suitable as a single-ply fleecebacked roofing membrane. The laminate consists of the following: 1) a thermoplastic reinforced planar sheet, 2) a needle punched fleece formed on both sides of the thermoplastic reinforced planar sheet, and 3) a thermoplastic polymeric layer extruded onto one side of the fleece. The fleece is formed by needle punching fibers through the reinforced planar sheet. The reinforced planar sheet serves as a common supporting base the resulting two-side fleece. The thermoplastic polymeric layer is embedded with one side of the fleece fibers. The thermoplastic polymeric layer serves as the top layer of the roofing membrane, and the second side of exposed fleece serves as a felt. The thermoplastic polymeric layer is preferably comprised of an extruded PVC substrate, compounded to have excellent weather resistance, printability and to be nonflammable. The fleece fibers are preferably composed of polyester. The thermoplastic reinforced planar sheet is preferably a scrim that is extrusion coated with a thermoplastic substrate that is compounded to have excellent weather resistance, and to be nonflammable.