Brand (click to sort) Owner Address Description
PAKO (Unavailable) (Unavailable) Printed Matter, Children's Books, Sticker Books, ...
MAKING MINUTES! Drews, Thomas J 1885 Green Street
San Francisco CA 94123
Publications, books, brochures, workbooks, newsletters, paper ...
B-PHLAT PHLATOUT PHUNNY Nelson, Beverly D. P.O. Box 48147
Philadelphia PA 19144
Paper goods and printed matter, posters, ...
STERLING TRIBUTES Vitale, Elizabeth 1050 Summer Ct.
Watkinsville GA 30677
Ephemera related to funerals, greeting cards, ...

Where the owner name is not linked, that owner no longer owns the brand

Technical Examples
  1. A paper shredder paper feed mechanism, characterized in having a paper insert opening structured from two movable paper feed tubes, which are configured above paper shredding cutters. Two ends of each of the paper feed tubes are respectively positioned in W-shaped embed grooves of positioning plates of a frame. The two paper feed tubes are ordinarily closed together, thereby enhancing safety and preventing dust and miscellaneous objects from falling into the paper shredder. When paper is inserted into the paper insert opening, the thickness of the paper opens the two paper feed tubes, thereby guiding the paper smoothly guided into the paper shredding cutters.